pixel gate

Pixel gate

PIXEL GATE Some of the latest Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology puts the equivalent of a separate red, green and ...
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pixel light

Pixel Light

PIXEL LIGHT What happens when mixing a little bit of red with some yellow paint? Typically, orange. RGB Additive MixingWhat ...
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Painting Gate

PAINTING GATE The most popular things in lighting industry is lighting gate .It is same as lighting gate the only ...
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Painting Road LIght

Painting Road Light

PAINTING ROAD LIGHT It is as same as road light, only difference is the design of the board. The board ...
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Road lighting

Road Lighting

ROAD LIGHTING Road lighting is simple board light stands two side of the road. We have various design of road ...
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lighting gate

Lighting Gate

LIGHTING GATE The most popular things in the lighting industry are lighting gate .every lighting company had his own design ...
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